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There are a number of good books and seminars on sales that can help you. However, they are only good to the degree that you actually use the knowledge contained in them. Closing is a skill. And to fully grasp this skill, and be able to close sales nearly at will, requires much more than simply attending a seminar, or reading a book. It requires a system of training that ensures you actually master and use the necessary skills. Make sense?

We have created what we feel is the most effective sales training system available so a student not only understands what he or she learns, but more importantly, can effectively apply the skills of selling ensuring a maximum amount closes and success.

Our on-line training course is a comprised of my recorded video seminar and my best-selling book, “Secrets of a Master Closer”. A student alternately watches a lesson from my seminar and then reads the corresponding chapter from my book. These two mediums reinforce each other for maximum comprehension.

Once a lesson is completed, the student is then tested to verify that the most important aspects from that lesson have been learned correctly and retained.

After the test questions are completed, the student then does specific exercises (with a friend or an associate) to practice the various skills from that lesson until they are mastered. 

This process is repeated throughout the entire training until all the needed skills have been acquired. Upon completion the student has no doubt that they are a Master Closer. And it will be reflected in the noticeable boost in the amount of closes and income they generate. And isn’t that the bottom line?

In my course, you'll find the most important principles, techniques, and training exercises that I isolated, tested, and codified during my 25 years in sales and sales training.

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