What our students are saying...

  • I have been in sales for years and Secrets of a Master Closer has brought back the fire I had lost over the years of going through the motions. It has got the juices flowing and I remember the reason I got in sales in the first place. This course is a must for any salesperson who wants the old fire back. I truly enjoyed it.*

    W. Perry
  • This is the master key to all the sales books and seminars you have ever read or watched. There are a lot of great sales books and seminars out there by other authors and speakers. However, this seminar and course makes all the others make perfect sense to the beginner and will surprise the sales veteran more than a few times with insights they hadn't thought of before or maybe didn't totally understand. Every salesperson should do this course and reference back to it every year or whenever a slump comes along. Simplicity can be very beautiful and effective. This seminar and course certainly lives up to that description.*

    R. Conlon
  • Last week I did this brilliant course by Mike Kaplan on how to close sales more easily and more often. I'm in telesales and need to get the attention of a prospect quickly, hold their attention, and then move to a "close" in a smooth, logical and professional way. I’ve been putting the tips into practice and what a difference it's making! Every script suggestion I've used has worked brilliantly! I loved the seminar and the easy to read e-book and the clear examples of scripts I can use for each of the suggested 8 steps of a sale. It's given me more confidence as well as knowledge about how to manage the entire sales cycle. My whole-hearted recommendation is - if you want to lift your sales game – do this course!*

    H. Curran
  • This course delivers an 8-Step program for closing sales. The course is well designed and easy to follow. It is one of the best courses on selling I’ve ever done and I will use this information for years to come. Closing is the key to sales and this course provides everything you need to be successful.*

    Gary Tu
  • I have read many books on selling, but Secrets of a Master Closer, on the nuts and bolts of selling, is the best training that I have ever done. I have been in sales for well over 10 years, and this course helped me tremendously. I wish I had done it 10 years ago. If you are just getting started in sales, make this the very first training you do. If you are a veteran, make this the next training you do. It really is that good. Worth every penny!*

    C. Lloyd Jr.
  • I sell cars and Secrets of a Master Closer was very helpful and has changed my ways of selling. I would recommend this course to anyone that's selling anything. This is all you need.*

  • After doing the Secrets of a Master Closer course by Mike Kaplan, I was amazed at the simple and yet profound process. This course provides practical and powerful examples that can be used directly for any sales approach. I started implementing the techniques from this course and have experienced a strong improvement in my closing rate. As an example, I learned how a prospect may say that 'price' is an issue, yet it may not be the actual objection the he really has, and I was excited to learn how to overcome it. These sales concepts have changed my perspective in selling and I love it!*

    Christine W.
  • After learning the different techniques that Mike put in Secrets of a Master Closer, I realized I was just a wonderful “presenter” while I needed to be a “closer.” I am applying all the things I’ve learned from this course and thank him because I now have the strength to conquer any sales job!*

  • I would whole heartedly suggest this course to all sales professionals. Mike Kaplan lays it out in real world illustrations. He provides language and a process that simply makes sense.*

  • I am very impressed with Secrets of a Master Closer. The book and seminar made me more aware of the complete process of a sale. The test questions are set up to make sure you absorb the most important points in each lesson. I have put Mike’s advice into practice and have already seen my sales improve.*

    Allie P.
  • I am a sales manager and I learned priceless information from Secrets of a Master Closer. We now have all our sales reps doing this on-line course and following Mike Kaplan's 8-Step road map for success in being a master closer. I especially enjoyed the course because it was simple and easy to comprehend. Doing the exercises helped polish and reinforce what I just learned. Mike covers everything imaginable for being successful, whether you are new to sales or have been doing it your whole life. For instance, you learn the value of ‘setting up’ the presentation and ‘building up the problem’ for the prospect to see before going into your presentation. These are huge factors in getting to the close. Thank you Mike for a well presented seminar and course. I highly recommend Secrets of a Master Closer to any sales manager or trainer to use to train their entire sales team.*

    Tammy J.
  • Loved Secrets of a Master Closer and how Mike Kaplan reversed engineered the sale process by working back from the final sale, from Z to A. He then takes you through the whole sales process again A to Z. Great stuff, highly recommended.*

    Jim V.
  • I learned the principles of Secrets of a Master Closer in daily lessons from the author when I worked for one of his companies. This course is my sales bible. One of the biggest light bulbs that went off for me as a result of this course is the discovery of the importance of establishing "If/Then" agreements with the prospect.*

    T. Hucka
  • Great information and exercises for those who desire to increase sales revenue. No more guessing if I will close the deal. I now close with confidence. Secrets of a Master Closer gives the tools.*

    Ce Ci
  • Great course, with relevant content and easy to apply. The methodology is simple to understand and is very practical. We have since applied the methodology in our business and it is working! It gives us a structure to work from and allows us to evaluate each sales process. Thank you, it was most enjoyable. Highly recommended.*

    Conan Cole
  • Just got into selling cars, though Secrets of a Master Closer applies to all areas of sales. My fellow salesmen, though very helpful to me, are extremely vague. They offer bits of information, but no one ever really lays out the basics from start to finish. This course makes you address your shortcomings as a salesman and gives you the sequential order necessary to really drive sales. Best of all, it illustrates when the close should happen. Thumbs up. Do this course!*

  • I’ve learned a lot of new closing techniques from Secrets of a Master Closer, many of which I have already started using. Before this course my closing percentage was in the 17-19% range. I'm now closing at an average of 37%. I've made bonus each month since and my income has more than doubled. Thanks Mike, you've turned my life around.*

    Paul Hyde
  • Secrets of a Master Closer raises awareness of each step in the sales process. By not skipping or poorly controlling each step of the process, sales just keep coming in.*

    L. Pendleton
  • Legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi was famous for his emphasis on basics (more on that later). Many others have also recognized and stressed basics and fundamentals to their great success and the success of their teams and organizations of all types, but that's not the important thing right now. What is important is YOUR success in sales. Secrets of a Master Closer will make a huge difference to your sales productivity and results whether you're new to sales or are a seasoned veteran who has "seen and done it all". I'm the owner of a company that sells an extremely discretionary product--one that a customer can say "no" to without dramatically affecting their immediate future. Using the tools in this course, we drive past the reasons not to buy and close far more sales than we would if we were content to simply be "Presenters" rather than CLOSERS. (Buy and do this course to find out why this distinction is critically important.) The material in this course and the valuable principles it so clearly presents are now a cornerstone of our sales training program. I couldn't recommend it highly enough. One of the biggest challenges in sales is collecting and sorting through the mounds of "tips" and other good advice that are so common in sales know-how. Mike Kaplan has done the work for us, collected the knowledge, sorted the wheat from the chaff, and put it into an approachable and easily-digested step-by-step process that will keep you on track and winning throughout your sales career. A major key to success is doing the things that successful people have done and learning the things they've learned. We can take many lessons from Mike Kaplan and Vince Lombardi. I'm very grateful that they've both shared their knowledge so that we can all work efficiently to have the success we deserve. This course is about fundamentals. The principles in this book will change your approach to sales--or reinforce the successful actions you already perform. How important are fundamentals...? Vince reportedly began a summer training camp on a “Back to Basics” theme by holding up a ball and saying, "Gentlemen, this is a football." Now, that's dedication to basic fundamentals. This course can help you rack up a winning record like Vince and the Packers did.*

    M. Athena
  • Great course! It gives you all the tools of the trade you need to become a strong closer. You'll be missing out if you don't do Secrets of a Master Closer. I learned a lot and will utilize those tools in my daily business.*

    Amy Noelle
  • Very informative, very easily understood method of breaking the whole sales process down into steps. Thanks for such a great course!*

  • Secrets of a Master Closer is very straightforward, no hype, just the exact process of how to sell step by step in an easy to understand format. What I really love are the exercises at the end of each lesson so you can immediately put to test what you've studied to ensure you've understood it. And it works! This is an awesome sales course for someone who wants to just cut to the chase and understand how to do it effectively.*

    L. Smith
  • The subject of sales training has been a path of reaching out for the latest new method, studying it then attempting to apply it in real life. Typically this "latest method" ends up in the pile of already accumulated false ideas and goes nowhere - it just adds further confusion to the subject. In one clean sweep Kaplan has removed all of those false ideas and truly defined the simplistic truth of selling which I can now use. Finally the pieces have come together. I highly recommend that all salespeople do the Secrets of a Master Closer course.*

    Greg M.
  • Finally, sales information I can use! With all the books and videos on selling coming from different angles and often with conflicting information, Mike Kaplan has taken a different and fresh approach. By "reverse engineering" the sales process he has discovered the way to create a methodical process that takes out the mystery and presents a logical path turning leads into sales - Do it!*

    Peter Olt
  • Thank you for revealing all your secrets!!!! Been waiting years for sales training like this, but it was worth the wait.*

    Jim Mathers
  • Secrets of a Master Closer lays out all the steps of a sales cycle; steps which have been ascertained by the trainer from years of trial and error and information he gleaned from many other sales books and seminars. This one course will save you countless hours if you are serious about learning to sell. It is presented to the student in an easy to understand format and is full of practical exercises so that you actually get the information and can apply it. If you’re only going to do one seminar/course, this should be the one.*

    Tim Mooney
  • "Secrets of a Master Closer" is probably the best seminar and course on selling to date. This is not your typical hype and motivational training; Mike Kaplan actually lays out the nuts and bolts that comprise all sales. It's like the "Driver's Educational Manual" we all read in High School--those that follow the rules, guidelines and laws survive on the road, those that don't get killed. Don't become another salesperson fatality, do this course and close more sales.*

    Jamie Sene
  • I've read lots of "Secret" type sales and marketing books and articles, and attended many seminars, but the best ones are those that tell you something that was always right in front of you, but you never took the time to really look or analyze what it was you were not seeing. Secrets of a Master Closer did just that as it was obviously written by someone who has taken this thing called ‘closing’, ripped it apart, analyzed the heck out of each smaller part, figured out what parts were missing and which were unnecessary, then putting them all back together again in the correct order. Then the speaker/author goes on to fully define each piece, and lay them out in a simple to understand, no nonsense way with excellent examples and scripts all of which can be applied to selling most anything. You know you've got your hands on the real deal when, as your doing this sales course, you start remembering all those "almost" deals that somehow fell through and those hot prospects who for some reason didn't close, and then realize what you did or didn't do that caused the failed closes. Very enjoyable course and the exercises were the frosting on the cake. Best investment I've made in a long time! I highly recommend this to anyone who sells anything, which really is everybody.*

    Ronald S.
  • Thanks for creating an easy to understand and effective sales training course. Sales is one of those jobs that can be extremely rewarding or extremely frustrating. After doing this course, I'm really excited to use what I've learned. I'm ready for my sales job to be extremely rewarding = money! I'll keep you posted.*

    Anita C.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for finally making sense of the sales process! This is pure gold. As a Realtor for over 22 years I've been to dozens of useless seminars and "sales training" sessions and afterwards (to no avail) asked brokers and sales managers this question...."Yes, but how do you sell? Where is the basic step-by-step technology? That works every time and for every situation? Well, Secrets of a Master Closer is it! It not only gives you the technology of how to sell, it does it in a way that makes it possible to actually apply. If you've ever wanted to be a better sales person, do this course first. Save yourself the aggravation of attending seminars that leave you spinning. This course will help you become the sales person you've always wanted to be.*

    L. Shape
  • As a salesperson, sales trainer and sales manager, I've read dozens of sales books and listened to countless seminars, and the Secrets of a Master Closer on line course by Mike Kaplan stands alone at the top of the list. It is now the standard sales training we provide to all our salespeople. The easy to understand presentation mixed with examples that can be translated to any product or service is a great tool whether you’re a sales novice or professional. Mike defines sales as a process that you can repeat for predictable success. Use the process...make sales. His Road Map to unlimited sales is easy to learn and apply, and a tool every sales person should have and use. Highly recommended.*

    Tommy G.
  • Simply put this seminar and course gives any salesperson a clearly articulated road map to success! This training shows you THE way. As a sales manager I am now having my entire team trained on the “Secrets of a Master Closer.” It's that good!*

    Tom B.
  • This is by far the best sales training I've done to date. It starts with the underlying fundamental principles that you have to know in order to understand how to sell. No other training I've done prior has provided a simple to understand anatomy of selling. How Mike Kaplan ‘reversed engineered’ the sales process to discover the 8 vital steps in every sale is genius and worth the price of the training. Selling is a process with precise steps to get to the close and I found out from this course that I was missing 2 of these steps and doing another incorrectly and it was limiting my potential. The course also explains the purpose of each of the steps and how to accomplish them with sample scripted wordings. There are quiz questions and exercises at the end of each lesson that I practiced with a friend that really allowed me to not only understand the techniques, but master them so they are now second nature to me.*

    M. Steven
  • An excellent course on sales! It gives a new twist on how to view the sales process, building up momentum one step at a time. Well worth the time spent doing it. We are Sales Trainers by profession and we have found that these ideas have helped us structure better training materials. Mike found out we had purchased the course and wrote to us offering to answer any questions. We sent him our comments and got his answer back in less than 24 hours. Here is an author that practices what he preaches! He understands what satisfying his customer's needs are all about.*

    Michael Walker
  • This course by Mike Kaplan is exceptional. As a salesperson for over 40 years, I enjoyed it and picked up some new ideas. Read it, learn and win. Thanks Mike.*

    Richard Jacoves, Boca Raton, FL
  • Whatever level you're at, you'll benefit greatly from this course. Even experienced salespeople will understand the basis of the sales process that might have gone unnoticed. Nicely explained and extremely clear. Do it.*

    Giordano "GB"
  • Secrets of a Master Closer is very good if you are new or have been in the business for a while. I will recommend to all salespeople that I know.*

    Martin Espinoza,
  • Secrets of a Master Closer is great for people new to sales or those who want to know more of the underlying basics rather than just closing tricks, etc. Great course! Buy it!*

  • Once I began applying the techniques from Secrets of a Master Closer, I noticed a change in my sales success and closing ability. The way to closing is truly in the 8 steps. Don't stray, just do it. DO THIS COURSE, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!*

    Stewart C.
  • Awesome course. It explains the basics, the why's and the how's along with a whole lot more. Definitely recommend it if you take your sales career seriously, and want to be the best you can be.*

    Dan Fearn
  • After doing the first 2 lessons, I now know that my problem is really all 8 steps of your breakdown of the sale. Other sales books I’ve read are inspirational and tell you what the problem is, but don’t seem to address it directly. So far I feel I’ve learned more in the first 2 lessons than anything else I’ve done. Thank you.*

    Chad Lindsay
  • Having been a sales trainer, I find your course a great process.*

    N. Clement
  • Secrets of a Master Closer is a great on-line course for learning how to close sales. I can tell you that it gets results. Just three lessons into the course, I had my personal highest ever sales in my company!*

    Carlos Bernot
  • This course was a life saver. As a startup owner I must say that it really completed my business puzzle.*

    Marius Dima
  • This course lays out a straightforward method with incredible insights to apply in the sales profession. A++. I strongly recommend it to anyone considering or involved in a sales career.*

    Michael Bailey
  • Mike Kaplan does a very good job of breaking the sales process down into a manageable road map. He obviously has a lot of experience in the field, and he lets you in on all of the knowledge he has acquired throughout his career. Highly recommended.*

  • Great system! This is exactly what I was looking for. Our company is starting a new division selling larger high dollar amount B2B services. And this lays out a very solid selling system. Getting prospects from A to B is the key, and I now see how we lost some great prospects in the past by not having a sales road map.*

  • Excellent, concise and practical! Having worked in sales all my life, I really enjoy seminars/books which get you directly to the point and provide practical examples/techniques of each concept. Mike Kaplan explains it in a very clear and schematic way, well structured and easy. I recommend this to anyone involved in sales.*

    Eduardo Laseca
  • I have been a student of sales for the last 30 years and this course nails it. From start to finish, Mike's approach is how sales should be conducted, simple and to the point. If you want one course, and only one, then do this one.*

    Wayne Stevens
  • It took me time to choose among the numerous books dealing about the sales process... But I am not disappointed by my choice because this book is quickly read, the focus is clear and straight to the point. I also appreciate the 8-Step Road Map download which is a very practical reminder.*

    S. Droxler
  • I am using Secrets of a Master Closer to train my entire sales force. The training is outstanding! My team loves it. The material is excellent and the delivery is captivating and real. I’ve been in the sales business for 30 years and felt as if I knew how to train a sales team, and I do, but not as well as this course gets the job done. The time savings for me personally was an unexpected but greatly appreciated side benefit. No matter how busy I am my team is getting properly trained. It’s also an excellent way to help an experienced rep that may be slipping a bit get back on track. I can’t recommend this training highly enough.*

    Joe W.
  • The course was great! By the end of the course, I truly became a master closer and also have become one of the top closers in my firm. I attribute my success and knowledge to the basic principles in this course. It's funny how people now ask me for sales advice. The combination of Mike’s video lectures, with practice exercises and eBook made the course very effective. I recommend it highly for anyone in sales.*

    J. Byrnes
  • This course has proven to be a fantastic tool for understanding the sales process and to better chart your own growth as a salesperson. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in bettering their sales skill. Period.*

    E. Jackson
  • This course was awesome! It laid out the exact steps in every sale and how to achieve them. My confidence and closing skills have never been better. Thanks!*

    S. Kahn
  • Such a great course! My sales have greatly improved since applying what I learned. If you follow it exactly, closes seem to just happen. I told my coworkers about it and they can’t wait to get started on the course too. Thank you!*

    James Andreatte
  • I loved the course and have learned a lot from it! It teaches you every step in the sales process. Everything was clear and easy to understand and implement. Last month I had the highest closing percentage and became the #1 sales rep on our sales team.*

    Jody Gower
  • This course has changed the way I think about sales. The 8-step road map for making a sale is easy to use and can be applied to nearly any type of service or product and produces quick results. I stopped being so nervous about sales and just followed the road map. Highly recommend!*

    Kate Bromund
  • I've never written a review before, but I felt compelled because of the amount of money I will make with the concepts I learned in this course. In sales knowing how to do something is not enough, you must know "the why" behind what you are doing and this course breaks that all down. The 8 step road map to closing the deal is a foundational plan that can turn anybody into a good sales person if they internalize this information and have the discipline to apply it on every prospect. This course covers everything in the sales process without neglecting pertinent information or putting in unnecessary fluff. If you are questionable about a career in sales, Mike Kaplan shows you sales is a learnable skill with a formula for success like anything else in life. This course has an affordable purchase price but it's worth its weight in gold!*

    Manny L.
  • This course laid out the exact steps so I know what happens with every sale and can actually be in control. Awesome course!*

  • I loved this course! It brilliantly breaks down the sales process into precise and complete steps that I didn't even know existed! Every module is literally worth the price of the course itself and the amount and value of information it presents is absolutely incredible. There is no fluff, just basic priceless information; I would highly recommend this course to anyone!*

    Pete Castellano
  • I just finished the Secrets of a Master Closer course, and it was a real eye opener! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to sharpen their closing skills.*

    Kurt Echols
  • From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you! After 7 years in sales, I decided to throw in the towel. I told my boss that I was worn out, and I have no idea how to get myself out of this rut. After Secrets of a Master Closer, I am again motivated and confident. I've been using your techniques and they work. I have a better understanding of selling and you have inspired me to work smarter, and not harder. My eyes are fully opened. Thank you so much!*

    B. Short
  • I had my entire sales team complete the Secrets of a Master Closer course. I was delighted to see a 132% increase in our overall sales once we had the course implemented. The principles in the book are battle tested and not just some theory written by a college academic. The course was easy to understand, simple for a sales rep to implement, and most of all gets REAL results. This is the best sales course I have seen in my years as a business owner and sales professional.*

    Derek Woryn - CEO CBT Dev.
  • We love this course! It is a fantastic sales course for any sales team because it can be studied by beginners and the experienced. This course really teaches how to close. We've had our sales team do many different training courses over the years which go over all the facets of sales but generally just touch on closing. This one is all about closing! And our reps love it- one of them proclaimed she plans to do it every six months as a refresher so she stays at the top of her game!*

    Joy Gendusa CEO PostCard Mania
  • When you learn the rock-bottom basics of something, they become a part of you so that their utilization becomes second nature. A person can study techniques forever, and some work, but to some degree a rehearsed script will appear fake, and new situations always arise for which there is no script! Having, knowing, and using your own customized Road Map is the solution to turning a contact into a closed sale. Secrets of a Master Closer gives you that Road Map.*

    Rob Rice
  • I did Mike’s sales course with the videos recently, and even though I've been in sales for 7 years, I discovered many things to add to my sales process. I recommend this for people just getting into sales, or seasoned reps. No matter where you are in your career, you can benefit tremendously. I close a lot more now, and I'm definitely reaping the benifit$!*

    Carly Switzer
  • I would recommend Secrets of a Master Closer to anyone who is involved in any way with sales. It is logical, analytical, practical and based on workable and proven methods. Both as a method to get in all the basics, and as a way to debug stuck sales, it is a must. Thanks very much for passing on this hard-won knowledge.*

    Eric Krackow
  • I really enjoyed Secrets of a Master Closer. It really broke down the selling process for me. I'm new to selling, and this gave me a good flow as well as good diction to use throughout my sales. Questions are a key part of the sales process and this gave me a lot of practical examples. It was also easy to apply these steps to my specific type of sales (which people tell me is different than any other.)*

  • The training program is excellent and provided my sales team with a very structured roadmap and specific techniques to closing sales. The training also provides me, as a manager, a tangible process which will be used to validate that the team is not diverging from the core principles of closing.*

    Sean Persha - Sales Manager DaySmart Software
  • How did I like Secrets of a Master Closer? Well, my closing % has been the highest it has ever been since starting and completing this course. I think that speaks for itself!*

    Jaylyn Davis
  • Mike Kaplan cuts to the chase quickly and keeps it relevant with "Secrets of a Master Closer". He presents information in an organized and logical manner which makes it very easy to grasp and retain. Mike's 8 Step Road Map is suitable for practically any product or service. Novice salespeople as well as veterans will gain valuable information here. This course is a must for sales training or to freshen up folks who've gotten stale or are "in a slump". Highly recommended!*

    George Williams
  • This is an excellent course on the process of selling! Very informative. Its systematic approach can help everyone who sells for a living.*

    Roger D. Ost Jr.
  • I just began a new career selling VERY expensive products in a very competitive/fast paced marketplace. As a rookie, Secrets of a Master Closer has helped me tremendously by taking away the mystery of what it takes to 'close' at will and adopt a 'closer' mentality. In short, Mike breaks down the steps that lead from contact to close into an 8-step roadmap. His theory: closers control the interaction and systematically lead the prospect down the 8 steps all the way to the close (opposed to presenting information about the product and hoping a vague alchemy of luck and charisma will lead to a sale). As a salesman in an intimidating field Mike has given me a system to apply and work at. I've already started to see results.*

    Eric Bruenner
  • Thank You Mike! Myself and our staff just finished your on-line course and found it to be very beneficial!*

    Karen L. Small - Sterling Commercial
  • Just finished Secrets of a Master Closer. Hands down this is the best resource I have come across for those of us in outside sales. You won't be disappointed.*

    Ryan Carter
  • I used to find myself constantly having to spend a lot of time explaining methodology to my salespeople. Secrets of a Master Closer simplifies the training process by identifying all of the different situations that come up, and how to respond to each of them.*

    David L.
  • Great course...great instructions...great personality...Lots of useful info for all types of sales. Recommend to any one in sales. Thank you very much!*

  • I just finished Secrets of a Master Closer and I must say that it's an absolute best! I wanted something that could present to me step-by-step what I have to do and that's exactly what I found. Thank you!*

    Francis Molina
  • Terrific! Step-by-step instructions that tell you exactly where you are in the sales process and more importantly, what to do, and what not to do, at each step in order to meet your prospective client's needs, and help your business at the same time. Highly recommended.*

    Michele Defilippo
  • I need to thank you...I made a decision to become an expert in sales and when I started your course I discovered that it contained data that is easy to understand and remember, and I use it every day at my job. I used to close people with my personality, positiveness and some skills I acquired through the years, but your Road Map makes it so much easier.*

    Silvia Moscatiello
  • The course is excellent! Reverse engineering a sale is how I now train my sales team. Thank you!*

    Ivan Camacho (District Sales Manager/Paychex)
  • Mike really knows his stuff and has presented it in a very concise and easy to understand manner. I'm blown away with the techniques. I can see my income soaring from using these principles. This is the best sales instruction by far, and I’ve had some of the greatest. Highly recommended!*

  • I've been searching for years for a step-by-step sales process and only found bits here and there. What I found in Mike’s “Secrets of a Master Closer” could have saved me years of "winging it". I'm already seeing results with a sales process sequence that my customers appreciate. It keeps my conversation with them short and sweet. I highly recommend this. Excellent and then some.*

    Margo Colvin
  • I recently had been promoted to G.M. at the health club I worked at and was hoping to increase my closing percentage since I was now the main producer at the facility. I realized I had been simply presenting and not closing. After Secrets of a Master Closer, I was able to stay neck and neck in production with our sister gym with only a third of the salespeople. The skills I’ve learned have been invaluable and I'm recommending it for my sales team.*

    Steven Bugarin
  • Everything in Secrets of a Master Closer has been helpful. I'm a newly hired Small Business Banker and this has given me the extra fire needed to execute on my sales strategies. What has really stuck to me is how to build a yes-momentum to close deals more effectively. I look forward to giving tips and insights on my next conference call with my team.*

    Bryan Moscoso
  • Secrets of a Master Closer is fabulous! It is taken directly from successful experience. Mike Kaplan dissects the sales process into eight simple steps and gives you the exact elements to succeed in each step. For me it has been of great help.*

    Klaus K.
  • I have been in sales for twenty-eight years and have read many books and listened to many lectures on sales. I have found Secrets of a Master Closer to be amongst the absolute best. This is the nuts and bolts of sales. Since applying the principles my sales have been going up and up, far beyond expectations. I am happy and my bosses are very happy. A must for all, whether you’re just starting in sales or a seasoned pro.*

    Duane Kirkland
  • Fantastic! This is a how-to in sales. Put all those other books and courses aside until you do Secrets of a Master Closer. Finally the correct order and process is presented in a logical understandable system that is so easy to apply. No tricks, gimmicks or mystery, but a powerful system that anyone can use and apply immediately. This is a must for anyone in sales!*

    DeWitt Wilcox
  • I love Secrets of a Master Closer. I just landed my first sales job out of college and it's given me a head start on my sales technique. My boss is thoroughly impressed with my performance considering how little experience I have. Thank you!*

    Stephen Shafer
  • This course is great! You will learn how to sell in an organized fashion and close more deals.*

    Colleen G.
  • Sales was the furthest thing from my idea of a job as I thought it was too hard and you had to be born a “natural salesperson”. Then I did the “Secrets of a Master Closer” course by Mike Kaplan and realized that I never knew there were actual basic steps to take with prospects to help them see the value in your product or service, which of course allows them to decide to buy. Each step of the “Road Map for Making a Sale” assists me to help the prospect by guiding them to the final close of the sale. I no longer feel “blindfolded” with fingers crossed when I contact prospects as I now have the exact steps to follow for a successful close. As Mr. Kaplan says, if you want to be a better salesperson you need to know the underlying principles and fundamentals of selling.*

    Shelley Abate
  • Even your most talented sales employees have room for growth, and you're doing them a disservice if you don’t buy them this course. The old sales approach was to sell service or product by making up gibberish and boast about your product or service. This course will teach you how to master sales by just doing the opposite and getting your routine in line by engaging with your customers and getting them to sell themselves. By the end, you will have your client asking you how to purchase your product or service the first time you converse with them.*

    Kamyar Zargari
  • I have to say coming from a software engineering background sales never clicked with me, now everything is different. My world is one of process and logic and the 8-Step framework you presented in Secrets of a Master Closer provided me with what other books or courses only eluded to, but never directly spelled out. Thank you!*

    Doug Potts
  • I just finished "Secrets of a Master Closer" as a result of my interest in becoming a level ‘A’ copywriter and I feel like I just struck gold! You have given me a simple but powerful system for electrifying my copy (the ability to direct attention along the path of the eight agreements, step-by-step), and have guaranteed my success!*

    Terry Chestnutt
  • This is really a stunning course, especially if you want to improve your closing....Do it right now!!*

  • Exactly the sales course I wanted! Good quality, clear-cut, straight to the point course on doing sales.*

  • Succinctly presents valuable information that can be immediately applied to any business. Examples of each technique were paramount in this process.*

    Danielle Kelly
  • This is the best sales course ever! I am in the vacation ownership industry and this course has helped me a lot!!! I plan to share it with all my coworkers. Thanks!*

    Maria Gil
  • Thoroughly enjoyed this course! Highly recommend!*

    J. Zurga
  • Excellent course on how to become a stronger closer. I have been in sales for many years, and I am always looking for that extra edge to help me increase my sales. Mike describes there are three different types of salespeople: Order Takers, Presenters, and Closers. I have considered myself to be a good closer but, I discovered I was putting too much emphasis on every feature and benefit of my product and service. I was spending more time than necessary on product knowledge and giving an A-Z presentation. I have learned from this course the importance of customizing each presentation to include the most important needs or hot problems of the prospect. Then, using the presentation as a primary tool with the purpose of creating opportunities to close. If you have determined the prospect has an adequate or sufficient amount of interest to make a buying decision, then go for the close! Makes logical sense. No need to proceed any further. In the past that's exactly what I would have done. Not any more. I am highly confident The 8 - Step Road Map will help many salespeople excel in their careers. Just follow the process and you will receive a strong ROI for your efforts.*

    A. Simon